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Biological, Chemical, Conventional, Cyber, Nuclear

As best described by General William Tecumseh Sherman during the Civil War: "War is Hell". Nothing else can be said that would capture the imagery of what war is like better than that.


There is literally no place on Earth that either hasn’t already experienced war or that war cannot reach if that is the desired outcome of a determined nation state or terrorist organization.


War can be fought between two or more relatively equal adversaries (symmetrical warfare) or war can be fought between two or more unequal adversaries (asymmetrical warfare).


In neither warfare scenario, is the outcome especially good and the best we can hope for (on our side) is a speedy recovery and end to the war with minimal casualties, injuries, and damage to: infrastructure, businesses, the economy and our property.


At this moment, we have never been closer to war as we are right now. Most people "in the know" feel that it isn’t “if” we will be involved in a war, it’s “when”.


What planning have you done to ensure it doesn’t impact you?

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