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To Avoid Any Confusion – Here is What P3 PROTECT Does NOT Provide:

Where P3 PROTECT has established relationships with legitimate businesses that can legally provide the services or products below, we would be happy to make a referral.

  1. Anything Illegal - period

  2. Anything Unethical

  • Background Checks (Employee, Contractor, Financial, Vendor, any) - Including:

    • Fingerprinting Services

    • Polygraph / Lie-Detector Services

  • Data Center Hosting, Cloud services or Replacing IT or Security staff

  • Espionage (Industrial or Otherwise)

  • Hacking (Ethical / White Hat, Black Hat, Penetration testing, Social Engineering, any)

  • Legal advice

  • Private Investigation (PI) or Surveillance Services (Electronic, Physical, Photographic, Video, any)

  • Sales of:

    • Firearms or Ammunition or other weapons

    • Software or Hardware,

    • Spy Gadgets, Listening Devices, or Tracking Devices / Software

    • Survival items (books, food, clothes, water filtration, weapons, supplies, etc.)

  • Search and Rescue

  • Software Design and Coding

  • Survival / Self-sufficiency training

  • Tiger Teams / Red Teams

  • Training - NOTE: This is NOT the same thing as our education series.

    • Combat, Firearms or Law Enforcement / Police training

    • First-Aid / CPR or any Medical training

  • Undercover or Sting Operations

  • Writing implementation plans

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