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Special Series for Parents and Schools: Protecting children in today’s world.

4 hour Seminar with time for Questions

Children are our most precious responsibilities as parents, and as adults. Yet, our children have never been as vulnerable and at risk as they are today.


While certain threats and risks to children have always existed, in today’s world these same threats and risks have become greater, multiplied, and have become easier to accomplish.


Cell phones and the Internet are wonderful technological inventions and useful tools in our everyday lives. However, these same tools can be used by children to harm others and by adults to harm children - both physically, mentally and spiritually.


When you think of all the ways our technological advances can be misused to hurt out children and add them to all the non-technological ways our children can be hurt, the list can be mind-boggling.


Here’s a very short list of things every parent and school should be worried about and on the lookout for:

  • Abuse (physical and mental)

  • Abductions

  • Adult Predators (online and offline)

  • Alcoholism

  • BLUE Whale – suicide game

  • Brainwashing

  • Cell phones / Texting / Sexting

  • Child Pornography

  • Cults

  • Cyber-Bullying

  • Decline in Morality

  • Depression

  • Desensitizing

  • Drug Abuse

  • Drugs / Medications (Prescriptions)

  • Entitlement

  • Gangs

  • Ideological Recruitment and Indoctrination

  • Internet (and all its dangers)

  • Kidnapping

  • Pre-marital Sex

  • Rape

  • Suicide

  • School Shootings and Other Attacks

  • Teen Pregnancy

  • Violent games or trends like: “Knock Out”


What planning have you done to protect and safeguard your children?





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