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Grid-down Scenarios

Electric, Water, Sewer, Gas / Diesel

Depending on how long the electric or power grid is down for things can get dicey very quickly. Most people don’t even think about how much we depend on electricity besides the obvious things.


Pretty much all utilities (especially water and sewer) will cease to be available if the electric grid goes down.


Obtaining fuel of any kind would also be problematic since the pumps all rely on electricity to function. No fuel and soon transportation comes to a halt. No fuel and most generators stop working. Hospitals, Emergency services (Ambulances / EMS, Fire Departments, Police Departments, Search and Rescue Operations), Schools, Restaurants, Stores (all), plus pretty much everything else comes to a screeching halt.


If the grid stays down for a year or more – hundreds of millions of people will die in the United States alone during the first year. Let that fact sink in.


What planning have you done to ensure it doesn’t impact you?

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