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The CEO and Founder of P3 PROTECT is a 38-year industry subject-matter expert in the areas of:

  • cyber / data security and privacy

  • electronic / telecommunications security and privacy

  • physical security and privacy

  • homeland security

  • the art of self-sufficiency (also known as: survival or “prepping”)


The CEO and Founder has been a presenter and keynote speaker at numerous global security events. He has assisted, provided consulting and guidance to, as well as, worked closely with various international companies in the private sector like: Intel, Microsoft, CitiBank, Goldman Sachs, Merk, Chase, Time-Warner, Philip Morris Companies, National Semiconductor, Nasdaq, NYSE, SIAC, Seagate Technologies, Cisco Systems, Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT), Macy’s, Johnson & Johnson, Bombay Stock Exchange, Ground Round Corporation, CryptoMill Technologies, MetLife, Hong Kong Stock Exchange, CA Technologies, SoftNAS, AccuCode, CellCrypt, Opengear, and SAFENET.


Various non-profit organizations have also benefited from the counsel and advice provided by the CEO.


The public sector has also greatly benefited from the advice and work the CEO has done for various local and state government agencies, local and state law enforcement departments, as well as, many federal government agencies, federal law enforcement departments and various members of Congress – to raise security and privacy awareness for the country.

A few of the many projects that the CEO has worked on include:

  • Standardization (government and industry) of cryptographic cyphers and algorithms for both public-key and private-key encryption

  • Assisting in the tracking down of hackers that breached a large financial institute's security and stole over $100 million US dollars

  • Digital timestamps for the US Postal Service

  • Creation and establishment of an industry standards organization for computer security and privacy

  • Security and Privacy of cellular communications for a major cellular provider

  • Perimeter Security Assessment (Physical) for several multinational corporations

  • Development of various Security and Privacy products and services for several global firms

  • Consulting and advisement to several members of Congress and their staff in the areas of data privacy, security, encryption, hacking, malware, and best practices for data protection.

Our vision is to help keep People, your Privacy and your Property protected through proper assessment, consulting, education, evaluations, planning and responses to disasters and other critical events, that will happen – especially when it is least convenient.


“They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” ― Benjamin Franklin

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