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Man-made Disasters or Events

Biological, Chemical, Dirty Bomb, EMP, Explosives, Mass-shooting attacks, Poison

There seems to be virtually no-limit to the way humanity has come up with to kill each other in large numbers ranging from less than a hundred all the way up to millions and millions of people.


This section isn’t about warfare between nation states; but, rather the mentally ill people that decide to go on a killing rampage or perhaps a terrorist cell that has been “activated” and executes a plan (well thought out or not) – all with the express purpose to kill as many people as possible.


Don’t think for a minute that the damage won’t be severe if any of these people are successful with their intent to do harm. Tools at these people’s disposal can be simple (e.g., a machete), firearms, motor vehicle or a variety of more complex things like bombs of all types (e.g., explosive, radiological / dirty, EMP), Biological, Chemical or even Poisons used wherever the most impact would be.


What planning have you done to ensure it doesn’t impact you?

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