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NOTE: We are ONLY doing Pro-Bono (FREE) Seminars for Non-Profits (e.g., Schools, Churches, Parent's Groups /   Associations , etc.) at this time.

When you need to know how to protect what's important.

People. Privacy. Property.


P3 PROTECT™ was created to assist businesses (for-profit and non-profit), local and state governments, utility companies, as well as, churches, schools and other private or charitable organizations, and individuals – seeking to understand the threats to their people, privacy and property, as caused by cyber/data breaches, natural or man-made disasters, terrorism, war, gang violence, hackers, or other negative events. The end goal is the development of plans to deal with the safety and survival of people, privacy, and property.


Our mission is to help you know why and how to best keep your people, privacy and property protected in these turbulent times.


Our vision is to help keep People, your Privacy and your Property protected through proper assessment, consulting, education, evaluations, planning and responses to disasters and other critical events, that will happen – especially when it is least convenient.

  • Consulting  

  • Education

  • Evaluating security and disaster plans

  • Planning

  • Policy assessments

  • Public Speaking engagements

  • Key Note Speaking engagements

  • Threat assessments and planning

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